Greeting to all the participants,
Here is the updated event schedule of the conference.
Please contact the person in charge if you have any question to ask before your arrival.
Thank you and have a nice trip!

Tuesday, 21st October 2014
Time Title Presenter
8.00-9.00 Registration
9.00-10.00 Opening/Introduction/Photo session
10.00-10.20 Overview To be determined
10.20-10.35  Tea break
Session 1: Radio Astronomy
10.35-11.05 Probability of Solar Flares Turn Out to Form a Coronal Mass Ejections Events due to the Characterization of Solar Radio Burst Type II and III Dr. Zety Sharizat Hamidi(Invited Speaker)
11.05-11.35 Pulsar Search with PMPS Monitoring Dataset Dr. Phrudth Jaroenjittichai(Invited Speaker)
 11.35-11.55 Four Years of Operation of the VATLY Radio Telescope: A Summary of Main Results Nguyen Thi Phuong
11.55-12.15 Is Any Possible Relationship Between Solar Activities and Seismic Activities? (CHINA) Indriani Sukma
12.15-14.00 Lunch
Session 2: Outreach/Space Programme
  1. Linking Young Astronomers in Southeast Asia: The SEAYAC Story
  2. Space Education as a Crucial Step Towards the Creation of a National Space Agency
Dr. Rogel Mari Sese(Invited Speaker)
 14.30-14.50 SEAYAC Website As Online Publication for Young Astronomers in SEA Region Avivah Yamani
14.50-15.10 The BIMA Project: Preliminary Report of O-C Diagram on Some Objects Saeful Akhyar
15.10-15.30 Astrometric observations of near-Earth asteroids Dr. Nazhatulshima Ahmad
15.30-15.45 Tea break
Session 3: Islamic Astronomy/ Theoretical Astrophysics/Cosmology
15.45-16.15 Behind the Scene: Criteria for Lunar Crescent’s Visibility in Malaysia Dr. Mohd Saiful Anwar Nawawi(Invited Speaker)
16.15-16.35 Anti De-Sitter Blackhole Dr. Ardian Nata Atmaja
16.35-16.55 Bose-Einstein Condensate Star Ahmad Firdaus Khaidir
16.55-17.15 Study on Sky Brightness and Length of Shadow to Determine the Early Time of Dhuha Prayer Times Khairussaadah Wahid
20.00-22.00 Banquet Dinner


Wednesday, 22nd October 2014
Time Title Presenter
Session 4: Radio Astronomy/Stars/Galaxies
9.00-9.30 Radio Astronomy in Malaysia Dr. Zamri Zainal Abidin(Invited Speaker)
9.30-9.50 RFI Study for Radio Astronomy Roslan Umar
9.50-10.10 CALLISTO Tracking the Solar Bursts Through the Year Noor Aqma Iryani Aziz
10.10-10.30 HI Rich Late-Type Galaxies in Modified Newtonian Dynamics Norsiah Hashim
10.30-10.50 Study of the Relationship Between the Diameter of Star Image and the Filter’s Wavelength Mohammad Afiq Dzuan Mohd Azhar
10.50-11.05 Tea break
 Session 5: Stars/Galaxies
11.05-11.25 Multicolor Photometry of Eclipsing Post Common-Envelope Binary SDSS J1021+1744 Dr. Puji Irawati
11.25-11.45 Calculation of Galactic Extinction Values Through Photometric Methods Dr. Chrisphin Karthick
11.45-12.05 Stellar Formation in Planck Cold Clouds: Analysis of Young Star Objects Using Their Spectral Energy Distribution (SED) Mary Rose Balmeo
12.05-12.25 Recent Development at Bosscha Observatory Agus Triono Puri Jatmiko
12.25-12.45 Determination Parameter Orbit of Visual Double Star STF 1998 AB for Recalculating its Orbit with Thielle-Innes Method Pratiwi Kusumawardani
12.45-13.05 Pulsar Navigation Using Doppler Effect Jompoj Wongphecauxsorn
13.05-14.30 Lunch
14.30-16.30  Excursion