The SEAYAC Meeting is a regular gathering wherein members can present details of their previous or current researches. The presentations should be scientific or education-related in nature and will be accepted upon review of the SEAYAC Board or its assigned committee. In addition, lectures will be given by invited scientists to broaden the knowledge of SEAYAC members.  The venue for the SEAYAM will be rotated among all Southeast Asian countries or done in conjunction with SEAAN or IAU meetings. This would assure that each ASEAN member country will host at least one (1) SEAYAC Meeting. The venue for the next Meeting will be decided before the end of the previous Meeting and upon approval of the Board.

The first meeting was successfully held in Puerto Princessa, Palawan, The Philippines from 5 to 7 November 2012. A total number of 25 participants were presenting their research, including three invited contributions. The second meeting will be held in Bandung, Indonesia from 19th – 22nd November 2013.

Aims of the conference

  1. To provide a venue for young astronomers to present their current researches and to interact with colleagues from other countries.
  2. To strengthen collaborations between different institutions and to break the cultural barriers between different countries.
  3. To share and to learn the cutting-edge research in Southeast Asian astronomy and to identify future areas of development.
  4. To empower the foundation of the organization for future development and collaboration with South East Asian Astronomy Network (SEAAN)


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